Teams Crazy Enough to Meet Seahawks' Demands for Russell Wilson

Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson Back to the future.  Corky Trewin Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson Back to the future. Corky Trewin Seattle Seahawks

According to Adam Schefter, he got $140 million over four years, and a $65 million signing bonus.

Recent rumors linked Wilson to the New York Giants as Eli Manning's replacement and suggested he might demand a trade if he and the Seahawks failed to agree to a long-term contract extension by Monday. Over the next four years, Wilson will make an average of $35 million a year. From King: "the contract would likely include devices to adjust future years of the deal based on how high the cap goes up year to year, or based on new revenue streams (gambling revenue, for example, or a TV contract that explodes)". "We got a deal", Ciara, who's snuggled up next to him, adds sleepily, "Go Hawks". "You believed in me 10 years ago when no one else would", Wilson tweeted early Tuesday morning (April 16) after the announcement. It seemed at first that Seattle called Wilson's bluff; midnight Pacific time came and went without a deal struck between the franchise quarterback and the team that drafted him in 2012. But his deal is no longer the richest in league history or in the league in present day. The Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger could get a new contract soon, too, as may Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota - depending on how their respective teams (the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans) feel about them.

Wilson, 30, is contractually tied to Seattle through the 2023 season. Always the first person in & the last person out.

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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson threw for a career-high 35 touchdowns in 2018.

It keeps Wilson, a five-time Pro Bowler and the quarterback of the only Super Bowl-winning team in Seahawks history.

Time will tell how many of these four players will be in a Seahawks uniform going into the next decade. Still, top-5 and even top-10 National Football League quarterbacks don't grow on trees so 12th Men and Women everywhere should wake up feeling refreshed and happy. Your dedication, consistency & commitment to the game never wavers. They have two first-round picks this year thanks to the OBJ deal and should have no problem throwing in one more for one of the three NFC quarterbacks who won a Super Bowl in the past eight years. "Oh yeah, if that's what I've got to do", Russell said. "I'm excited about that".

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