Ilhan Omar supporters hold rally outside Trump event in Minnesota

Democrats say Ms Omar was taken out of context when she referred to the attack as 'some people did something'

Democrats say Ms Omar was taken out of context when she referred to the attack as 'some people did something' Credit AFP

"The President's words weigh a ton, and his hateful and inflammatory rhetoric creates real danger".

The tweet, which had been posted to the top of Mr Trump's Twitter feed on Sunday, was removed after Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made the request to the White House, but is still viewable on his feed.

In the latest incident, Trump posted a video to his 60 million Twitter followers that used a short snippet of an Omar speech followed by images of the burning Twin Towers in NY in 2001.

President Donald Trump is escalating his feud with Rep. Ilhan Omar, accusing her on Twitter of making "anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and ungrateful U.S. HATE statements".

He also asserted, without evidence, that Omar is "out of control, expected for her control of Nancy".

On Saturday, CAIR condemned the president's comments on social media, calling it a "life-endangering" tweet from a president who uses "shocking imagery" to potentially incite violence against a sitting Congresswoman while "exploiting a national tragedy" at the same time.

The ultra-right furor follows a series of media provocations against Omar based on bogus claims of anti-Semitism because of her criticisms of Israeli oppression of the Palestinians and the subservience of many United States politicians to the Israel lobby. No one should be threatened for expressing their opinions, and the government should take whatever action is necessary to make sure Omar is safe.

Last Friday, Mr Trump tweeted a video that juxtaposed the snippet, which Ms Omar's fellow Democrats say was taken out of context, with images of the hijacked planes used in the attacks crashing into the Twin Towers that once dominated New York's skyline.

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There has been a sustained attempt by mainstream members of the Democratic Party to sideline Omar and turn her into a persona non grata within the establishment and among Americans at large.

Omar said in a statement posted on Twitter Sunday that numerous increased threats she had received were "directly referencing or replying to the President's video".

Sanders, who would be the first Jewish president if elected in 2020, has argued repeatedly that the American government must take a harder line against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government over its treatment of Palestinians.

On Friday, Trump tweeted a misleading video splicing together comments Omar made last month with footage of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

It's because of Rep Omar's vigorous leadership of progressive values, as well as her identity as the first Black Muslim woman in Congress, that she is a target of constant racist and bigoted attacks.

Pelosi said officials would continue to monitor and assess threats against Omar, and called on Trump to discourage such behaviour. Trump tweeted, along with the video. Even many of those attempting to show her support are still mischaracterizing what she said, either because they didn't watch the speech, or because they're afraid of taking a stance that might alienate those who didn't.

There is also the assumption that Omar and every other Muslim American wasn't as affected by the trauma of 9/11 as non-Muslim Americans were.

In an interview with ABC News, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted, "It's a good thing that the president is calling [Omar] out".

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