United Kingdom government to resume cross-party Brexit talks next week

Farage donned patriotic socks for the launch event held in a pro Brexit English city

Farage donned patriotic socks for the launch event held in a pro Brexit English city

"This party is not here just to fight the European elections. The time to change this is now", he said.

He said that a referendum has been voted on and defeated in recent House of Commons votes. If we offer a confirmatory ballot we could do very well.' A leaked Labour document shows its applicants will not even be interviewed face to face.

"We mustn't define ourselves as the Brexit party", said David Lidington, cabinet office minister and effectively May's second in command.

Tory grandees have raised the possibility of a change in the rules governing challenges to the party leader.

May, 62, took power in the aftermath of Britain's surprise 2016 vote to leave the European Union and has seen her government paralysed by divisions over Brexit and unable to enact an ambitious reform agenda to tackle social injustice.

May has come under fire from MPs including former leader Iain Duncan Smith following her decision to agree an extension that would result in the United Kingdom taking part in European elections next month. Any idea of doing that is a disaster.

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The Brexit Party has 70 candidates and sees the upcoming elections, which begin on May 23, as a "first step", Farage said at the launch event in the English city of Coventry on Friday.

Asked by the BBC what would happen if the two parties failed to reach a compromise, Lidington said: "As government we've always made it clear that while we'll do our best to try to reach a compromise with the main opp party. if that doesn't work then what we'll want to move towards is to put before parliament a set of options with a system for making a choice, and parliament actually having to come to a preferred option rather than voting against everything". 'In the end, I voted Conservative, ' he said.

The British cabinet office minister who is leading the Brexit talks between the government and the Labour party has said discussions on a compromise deal will continue this week, but they can not be allowed to drag out for too long.

"I know that the prime minister has already said she's going". If not, the Government will move to a series of binding votes on other Brexit options, such as a customs union, in a bid to find an approach that can get through Parliament.

He added: "I am a little bit anxious that the European Union in future will be determining trade deals and we won't really have a say".

Mr Duncan Smith warned against allowing Jeremy Corbyn to "dictate" terms on Brexit, adding that the Labour leader is "not fit for government and nor are his policies".

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