Student seriously injured after falling from bell tower at Fordham University

Sydney Paige Monfries

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She was among a group of friends that sneaked into the tower in Keating Hall to see the Bronx under moonlight, according to the Times.

Sydney Paige Monfries, a senior at Rose Hill, passed away on April 14 after falling from the clock and bell tower in Keating Hall. Her family has been notified but her name was not yet released.

School officials confirmed the letter to The Post.

The waiter, whose roommate allegedly arrived on the scene shortly after the fall, said she was gravely injured.

Ms Monfries was taken to hospital in a serious condition and failed to recover. During the event, seniors climb the tower, touch the bell and take photo outside one of the top windows. The tower is off limits to students and university officials are investigating how the students gained access to the tower.

It was reported that Sydney may have been participating in a "rite of passage".

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When the student's vitals flatlined medics quickly decided it would be safer to hoist her out of the tower in a rescue basket, one responder riding with her to perform chest compressions.

The school said Monfries will get receive her bachelor's degree posthumously.

Monfries was a senior and had been studying journalism, according to the Times.

Sydney Paige Monfries, 22, from Portland, Oregon, suffered fatal injuries following the horror plunge at Fordham University campus in NY, weeks before graduation.

The budding journalist, who was due to graduate next month, had completed a string of internships at a news network, InStyle magazine and a public relations company. Sydney's family along with two priests rush to the hospital soon as they received the devastating news.

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