Delta to Reduce How Far Some Seats Can Recline

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				Delta announced that it will cut economy class seat recline across its fleet of A320s.			iStock

Enlarge Image Delta announced that it will cut economy class seat recline across its fleet of A320s. iStock

The distance that seats recline will drop to 3.5 inches from 5.4 in first class, and to 2 inches from 4 in Comfort Plus and coach.

Delta Air Lines will reduce the amount that seats recline on some planes by about 5cm, aiming to preserve the workspace of multitasking business travellers. "It's all about protecting customers" personal space and minimizing disruptions to multitasking in-flight'. Leg room will not be affected, Delta says.

"This is not a push to add seats to the cabin or find a way to reduce the pitch of the seats", Director of onboard product and customer experience, Ekrem Dimbiloglu, told Skift, "It's about ensuring an optimal experience".

The change will only take place on the A320 aircraft, which operate domestic flights around the country lasting only an hour or two.

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The airline claims it just wants to make flying more comfortable, but traveling skeptics will be forgiven for thinking this is a precursor to the airline shoving in more seats and further reducing legroom.

Delta says this is just a "test", and that passenger feedback will ultimately determine whether they'll expand the seat reclining reduction to the rest of their fleet or return the seats to their original reclining capability of four and 5.5 inches. "Delta appears here to try and strike a balance between those of us who want a little space to work and those who want to take a short nap".

Starting April 13, it might be tougher for certain Delta passengers to reach snoozing altitude at cruising altitude: Their seats won't recline as far back.

There are no plans to change the coach recline on worldwide flights, according to The Points Guy. Anybody who ever tried to work on a plane only to have a laptop screen slammed by the seat in front will rejoice at the change'.

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