United Kingdom future will be stronger out of the EU

Theresa May U.K. prime minister leaves a news conference following a European Union leaders summit in the Europa building in Brussels

Theresa May: New 'Brextension' gives UK Oct 31 Brexit deadline

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday faced tough questioning from lawmakers about the latest Brexit developments, including a call to resign, after she returned from Brussels with a new Brexit extension.

The European Union has agreed to delay Brexit by up to six months to October 31 while May seeks an agreement with Labour that she hopes will help get her three-times rejected exit deal approved by parliament.

"So let us use the opportunity of the recess to reflect on the decisions that will have to be made swiftly on our return after Easter".

"We need to resolve this, so that we can leave the European Union with a deal as soon as possible".

Addressing MPs back home, who have rejected her withdrawal text three times, she said after the summit: "The choices we now face are stark and the timetable is clear".

The second departure extension - Britain was otherwise due to crash out on Friday - infuriated hardcore Brexiteers in her centre-right Conservative Party like William Cash, who want May's head.

British businesses expressed relief at the Brexit delay.

May noted that talks between her party and the opposition Labour party are "serious, detailed and ongoing", adding that "there is actually more agreement" between the two sides on a post-Brexit plan.

"I know that there is huge frustration from many people that I had to request this extension". The British political class now has more room to breathe but making a decision still won't be easy.

The pound traded steady and stocks held firm on news of the extension.

Donald Tusk, president of the EU Council, said the United Kingdom was expected to "continue its honest cooperation" as a member state until it officially leaves the EU, and Mrs May says the United Kingdom would continue to abide by agreed obligations as a member state.

'Our intention is to finalise the whole process in October. but I am too old to exclude another scenario, ' he said.

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"The key for us is to remain grouped together", Macron said. "On Oct. 31 the British will either have agreed to a deal, have chose to cancel Brexit or leave without a deal".

He said the European Union was giving Britain six more months "to find the best possible solution" to its Brexit impasse.

In a European Union emergency summit that saw the meet go past midnight on Thursday, the European Union leaders, including May, agreed to delay the deadline for Brexit period until October 31, with a review on the progress in June.

But British lawmakers have rejected her divorce bargain three occasions, and tries to forge a compromise with her political opponents have yet to bear fruit.

The so-called "flextension" until October 31 given to Britain on Thursday to approve a Brexit withdrawal agreement will require the country to hold elections for the European Parliament on May 23 - provided the withdrawal agreement hasn't been passed by lawmakers.

She stressed the importance of the cross-party talks that have been taking place between ministers and their Labour counterparts, and said she hoped they could reach agreement in the coming days.

Mrs May failed to convince many leaders, notably Mr Macron, that she had a new strategy for securing ratification.

"Unity doesn't mean we are all on the same identical position, but it means we are always able to find a compromise", Tusk said after the meeting.

French pressure also tightened clauses referring to Britain not disrupting European Union affairs if it stays in longer and a reference to a June 20-21 European Union summit taking stock of the position again.

"As I heard this day, Halloween is not a holiday widely celebrated throughout the European Union", Varadkar said.

I honestly and sincerely believe as a nation if we leave we will be stronger.

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