Skype adds screen sharing to its iOS and Android apps

Skype screen sharing

Skype adds screen sharing on iOS and Android - news

According to Microsoft's own brief announcement, this new functionality would be offered on both Android and iOS. As it stands, the added features will enable users to share anything on their phone displays to whoever they're engaged in a video call with.

As mentioned, the wider rollout of screen sharing is unknown, but at The Verge points out, Skype's 50 member chat function was beta tested a month ago, and is expected to debut globally in the next couple of weeks. "Simply tap on ... and select Share Screen to get started".

Other dedicated screen-sharing apps for Android and iOS already exist, but Skype might undercut those by finally allowing its mobile users to toy with the feature.

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This new build brings screen sharing support to these apps. Other suggested use of this feature by Microsoft is to PowerPoint presentations, "swipes on dating apps", or for online shopping with friends.

The addition of this new feature also makes it easier for Skype to compete against the likes of Cisco WebEX, Zoom and GoTo Meeting which are specially designed for corporations. By using the Screen Recording button, users will be able to enable this feature. All you need to do is to toggle, then right-click, or even go through your Skype settings to instantly and subtly blur your background. The feature does not interfere with the usual process associated with making Skype video calls. The feature is definitely promising and very useful so we can expect it to see it on the stable version soon. Starting today, Skype has you covered.

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