Oculus "accidentally" puts privacy-focused jokes on thousands of Touch controllers

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You might notice something weird if you ordered controllers with your Oculus VR headset. T3 Magazine Getty Images

According to the series of tweets posted on Twitter, Nate explained how these creepy easter eggs message labels meant for internal prototype use actually found its way towards tens of thousands of Oculus Touch controllers that were shipped although now haven't sold yet.

Facebook's head of VR Nate Mitchell confirmed this little whoopsie on Twitter, stating these goofemups - which included other phrases such as "This Space for Rent", "The Masons Were Here", and "Hi iFixit!" Messages like: "Big Brother is Watching" and "This Space for Rent.' As if that wasn't bad enough, it seems that while none of the devices containing the hidden messages have landed in customers" hands yet, they will be as it's apparently too late to stop their shipment. We See You!"-a reference to a prominent hardware fix site".

"While I appreciate Easter eggs, these were inappropriate and should have been removed", tweeted Mitchell. [3/3] - Nate Mitchell (@natemitchell) April 12, 2019 To be clear, most Oculus users who have a device that includes any of these hidden messages will never actually see them.

For a company whose name has become synonymous with Big Brother, letting these messages slip through their quality control process probably doesn't help its image-but I'm sure most of us can't help but smile at the irony.

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This issue appears to be limited to the revised version of the Touch motion controllers, which are set to be released alongside the standalone Oculus Quest VR headset.

Other odd messages include "Hi iFixit!"

The tweets were reported by Business Insider today making the story public after Mitchell's apology tweet. "The messages were meant as easter eggs for prototypes only and should have been removed pre-production", a Facebook spokesperson wrote to ABC News in an email.

Even still, Facebook representative Johanna Peace said affected units would not be recalled once they're shipped, which makes plenty of sense seeing as those messages won't affect how the product performs at all.

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