Davis singles to end record hitless streak

3 takeaways from the Red Sox 8-1 loss to Baltimore

3 takeaways from the Red Sox 8-1 loss to Baltimore

The Orioles slugger went 0 for 54 before breaking his slump.

Chris Davis extended his record hitless streak to 0 for 54 when he lined out to end Baltimore's 6-4 loss to the Boston Red Sox on Friday night.

Not only was it a hit, it was a two-run single! The crowd cheered for Davis as well as his teammates in the dugout. Soon some of those turned into real cheers when he got the hit.

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The fortuitous moment arrived in the first inning of the Orioles-Red Sox game on Saturday.

Prior to that single, Davis had been hitless in 62 consecutive plate appearances (also an Major League Baseball record) and 33 at-bats this season.

His last hit was back on September 14, and as his unfortunate streak continued through the Orioles' first 14 games this season - he played in 12 - it became the hot topic of conversation. He had 62 straight plate appearances with no hit. The previous mark was set by Eugenio Velez who went 46 consecutive at-bats without a base hit stretching over the 2010 and 2011 seasons. The stat was noted by MASN's Steve Melewski. Davis now has one hit in his last 55 at-bats. The Orioles' lead was short-lived, with the Red Sox tying things up in the 4th.

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