Apple to split iTunes into separate apps

Lionel Bonaventure  AFP  Getty Images

Lionel Bonaventure AFP Getty Images

TV, Podcasts, and Music apps are all expected alongside macOS 10.15 later this year, and with content and media now receiving a web-based revamp thins are starting to look up in the world of Apple's media services.

In an effort to simplify things, rumor has it that Apple with its next major macOS release will dismantle some iTunes components into separate stand-alone apps. The sidebar will be used to provide users with quick access to their books, PDFs, and more.

Apple already announced it was working on a standalone Apple TV app for Mac, and Rambo has suggested there will be standalone apps for Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple Books coming as well. Marzipan is Apple's initiative to bring iOS apps and functionality to macOS using parts of the official iOS app framework UIKit. While these apps look good, they have some usability issues. These alterations would likely come in macOS 10.15.

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Breaking up iTunes into several apps would allow Apple to have a more uniform experience on all devices and would clear the clutter of its all in one approach. The refresh means that Mac users can now stream episodes directly from the website, instead of being redirected through iTunes.

The move would allow iOS designed apps to be seamlessly ported on Macs, saving developers time and resources in optimization work.

The new Apple Podcasts and TV apps, which were leaked online. Or do you think they still need a lot of work?

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