Actress Janina Gavankar Teases ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Sequel to Fan

CREDIT Guerrilla Games  Sony Interactive Entertainment

CREDIT Guerrilla Games Sony Interactive Entertainment

Janina Gavankar, the voice actress for Horizon Zero Dawn's Taitai, recently attended Star Wars Celebration while cosplaying as Iden Versio. "Thank you for getting me into 'Horizon Zero Dawn, '" the fan says in the video.

Gavankar voiced Tatai in Horizon: Zero Dawn's Frozen Wilds DLC - not a huge role, but big enough (and left open-ended enough) that it wouldn't be surprising for her to reappear in a sequel. She seems to actually know, though, and she probably said more about it than she should have during a livestream of her walking the halls of Star Wars Celebration 2019 on Thursday. It was clipped and posted on Reddit, but it appears the clip has since been removed. Janina Gavankar voices the minor character Tatai in the game and she was attending the Star Wars Celebration now taking place in Chicago, Illinois. But it begs the question: what secrets could she be talking about?

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Someone stating that Guerilla is working on a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is pretty obvious, but we don't know anything else at this point, other than there will be a sequel.

Also, we need to rule out that the possibility that she could pbe playing another character in HZD 2, but we'll get news later on when the game actually comes out. It is more likely that Gavankar takes on a more prominent role in the sequel and has some detailed knowledge of the plot or gameplay. Whatever the case, until we hear something official from the developer Guerrilla Games, all we can do is speculate.

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