WhatsApp will let you ignore people without blocking or exiting groups



This feature is important because until now archived chats would be unarchived every time you received a message on that chat. The vacation mode feature was unveiled so that users will be able to mute archived chats to remain archived until he/she unmutes or unarchives them. While the "Vacation Mode" feature is yet to arrive, it has again been spotted in testing in the latest Android beta build of WhatsApp under the name "Ignore archived chats". According to WABetaInfo, the new feature is a renamed version of Vacation Mode, which was under testing in last October.

WhatsApp recently rolled out a feature to prevent others from adding users to groups without their permission.

Although the feature doesn't come enabled in the latest beta update, we can expect it to roll out soon. Archived chats on WhatsApp are moved to the bottom of the app but a new message brings it back up. WhatsApp will soon allow users to block notifications for the Archived Chats, which was one of the most requested feature. "They are surely going to roll out it in future", the report stated. WABetaInfo, a website dedicated to the latest WhatsApp features, gave us the first look at this functionality. However, there had been no official words about the rollout yet. Moreover, the archived chats automatically become un-archived when the users will be receive a new message from the sender. In this way, it will make it easier to temporarily ignore certain conversations.

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The "Vacation Mode" is actually named "Ignore archived chats" by WhatsApp.

That aside, there will also be a new Archived cell that shows all the chats that have been archived.

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