Walmart doubles down on robots to shift labor costs: "We're going big"

Walmart's shelf-scanning robot moves around aisles and identifies which items are low or out of stock

Walmart's shelf-scanning robot moves around aisles and identifies which items are low or out of stock

Walmart is planning on increasing automation this year, as Yahoo Finance reports the company will add thousands of robots to perform low-level work in its USA stores.

Coming soon to stores across America, 1,500 autonomous floor cleaners as well as 300 additional shelf scanners. But there's also the concern that these mechanical assistants could ultimately replace some employees instead of the retailer moving them to a more customer-facing position.

Walmart is planning an aggressive expansion of robotic technology this year, including more than 1,200 unloaders that'll automatically scan and sort items from trucks. Robots, while requiring an initial investment, promise lower labor costs because they don't require benefits, while they can often perform the same job in much less time than a human worker.

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The discount giant announced on April 9 that it would be rolling out a group of new technologies in its stores, including in-store "Pickup Towers", which will help consumers grab their online orders quickly, and machines that will help clean floors, dubbed "Auto-C".

Walmart says the addition of the robots will allow associates to serve customers face-to-face on the sales floor. Hopefully, robot and human can work in harmony while you buy tube socks. Plus to streamline online orders, it'll have 900 "Pickup Towers" so customers can order something on the company's site and just pick up it up from a vending machine at their nearest Walmart.

Most notably, Amazon is known for its reliance on automation, such as the warehouse robots that transport goods for shipping to customers.

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