Kettering Council welcomes small gender pay gap

Alix Thom Oil and Gas UK

Alix Thom Oil and Gas UK

Under UK law, companies with more than 250 employees have to report on their gender pay gap every year.

Figures from Charity Finance 100 Index shows that the top 50 charities have decreased the gap from 18% to 11%.

The data shows the difference between average hourly male and female pay.

Global Energy reported a 69% gap for 2018/19 compared to the previous year (19%), while Cape Industrial Services noted a 35.1% pay gap open up.

Pay gap analysisThe CIPD is urging organisations to be more transparent about their data, why the numbers are what they are and what they are doing to reduce their gender pay gap moving forward.

A year ago was the first time all companies of 250 employees or more in the United Kingdom were required to publish their gender pay gap data.

It said: "Equality for women is at the heart of everything that we do, and are fully committed to ensuring that there are no barriers or biases in place at Marie Stopes International that deny equality of opportunity to women or any other group in society".

Kathryn Hardacre, analytics lead for the gender focused group Aberdeen X-Industry Support Network (AXIS) and lead production geologist at oil and gas firm Chrysaor, added that, as a effect of gender pay reporting, the issue has "come to the attention of boards in the sector and is now seen as a business imperative".

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The government said about half of British companies had implemented plans to tackle their pay gap.

He added: "In the past year we've had more males employed in technical roles, which accounts for the larger year on year gap".

"The gender pay gap in our United Kingdom clinic network remains persistently high, reflecting a structural under-representation of women in senior clinical roles in abortion care. This is a genuine commitment to lasting change and we must welcome these efforts even if it does mean the numbers do initially go up instead of down".

"The harm to Ontario's economy from the gender pay gap is profound" says Jan Borowy, co-chair of the Ontario Equal Pay Coalition, "based on the government's own report by Deloitte says that the Ontario government would increase revenues by $2.6 million per year if the gap was closed".

The EU Commission recommended that member states introduce the measures to tackle gender pay gap issues back in 2014. "This resulting findings showed that any gender pay disparity at Guide Dogs does not appear to be due to a lack of female representation at senior levels".

"Guide Dogs has an nearly 80 per cent female workforce, of which a higher proportion of women are found in more junior roles". On average Ontario women face a 29.3% pay gap.

The regulations may also require the publication of information on employees on temporary contracts, the percentage of employees in each of the four pay quartiles who are men and who are women and the publication of information by reference to job classifications.

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