Trump Jr. Lauds Candace Owens' Explanation of Hitler Comments

Black conservative Candace Owens blasts House Judiciary Committee hate crimes hearing

Candace Owens Debunks Democrats Lies In Mic Dropping Testimony

On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on white nationalism, featuring witnesses who testified on the movement's recent rise, and the role that online indoctrination plays in far-right communities.

"It is a preview of a Democrat 2020 election strategy the same as the Democrat 2016 election strategy".

"The Southern strategy meant much, much more than some members of the G.O.P. simply giving up on African-American votes". Democrats seized on the opportunity as Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) played clips where she defended the actions of Adolf Hitler.

"An ultimate act of cowardice", responded Owens, giving her take on one particular moment from the hearing, "The idea that he tried to create a narrative and just think that his constituents, that the American people are so stupid, that they are not going to go pursue the full context of what we were talking about".

The audio was derived from a video taken at a conference in London in December, where Owens said that she doesn't "have any problems at all with the word 'nationalism'". I think that the definition gets poisoned by leaders that actually want globalism. He wanted to globalize.

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"And when I responded to was that I do not believe that we should be characterizing Hitler as a nationalist". You know, he was a national socialist, but if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, okay then, fine. The problem is. he had dreams outside of Germany. "He wanted everyone to be German, everyone to be speaking German", Owens said in the recording.

Owens mentioned her grandfather, 75, who was sitting directly behind her. Nevertheless, Lieu declared matter-of-factly that the young black conservative was "try [ing] to legitimize Adolf Hitler". Owens, in retort, called Cicilline "cowardly," which drew a reprimand from committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler. "The witness will not do that again", Nadler said, smacking his gavel.

"He's trying to present as if I was launching a defense of Hitler in Germany when in fact the question that was asked of me was pertaining to whether or not I nationalism and that nationalism was bad", Owens told the judiciary committee hearing.

After Kirk responded (without mentioning Hitler), Owens appeared to seize on that first comment, as well as a portion of Kirk's response and delivered the remarks that Lieu played during the hearing. That's not what I said at all. "I have to say, just looking at them [at Tuesday's hearing], they just all seemed so pathetic to me". "As I said, [Lieu] is assuming that black people will not pursue the full two-hour clip". "And he purposefully extracted- he cut off and you didn't hear the question that was asked of me", Owens explained. A close supporter of President Trump, Klein described the murderer of 50 people at a New Zealand mosque as a "a left-wing self-described "eco-fascist" who also published a manifesto praising Communist China as 'the nation with the closest political and social values to my own'". Whenever we say "nationalism, ' the first thing people think about, at least in America, is Hitler". Trying to wrench the narrative back after the stunning demise of the Mueller investigation, I suppose.

"By the way, I would also like to add that I work for Prager University, that is run by an Orthodox Jew and not a single Democrat showed up to the embassy opening in Jerusalem", Owens said.

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