Brexit: Theresa May won't say whether she'll quit over long delay

Prime Minister's Questions: 10 April 2019 - Universal Credit, Local Government funding, Article 50

Brexit: Theresa May won't say whether she'll quit over long delay

Angela Merkel has seemingly rejected Theresa May's call for short delay to Brexit as she talked up an an extension of "several months".

"What matters I think is that I have asked for an extension to June 30, but what is important is that any extension enables us to leave at the point of which we ratify the withdrawal agreement".

However, it's not clear that all European Union leaders will be on board with a long extension, with the possibility that some may fight against it, or request onerous conditions.

Eurosceptic Conservative MP Bill Cash wrote a letter to Donald Tusk claiming that "any decision by the Prime Minister to accept a long extension to Article 50 is likely to be challenged in the United Kingdom courts".

The government and Labour have been engaged in talks to find a compromise deal which could win the support of the Commons, but nearly a week of talks have yet to produce an agreement.

Mr Jones said the prime minister should be ensuring that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union "as quickly as possible" and that the current situation is "humiliating, not just for the prime minister herself but for the country as a whole". "We have been talking to the opposition, and those have been serious, constructive talks". "But there really is going to need to be a move off their red lines in a substantive way if we're going to reach an agreement". "We have to understand why this request is being made, what political project supports it, and what are the clear proposals".

At Prime Minister's Questions, Tory backbencher Craig Tracey said she should abandon her "diluted deal" and take Britain out on World Trade Organisation terms, while Henry Smith warned that an extension would cost the United Kingdom £1 billion a month.

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He said if European elections take place in the United Kingdom because of a delay to Brexit "it's going to be a pretty farcical situation" and that many Conservative Party members would be "reluctant to participate" in the vote.

He told reporters: "It is very well possible that we will decide to prevent a no deal Brexit tonight".

DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds MP said the negotiation between the Prime Minister and the leaders of France and Germany "is humiliating and embarrassing for the United Kingdom".

The depth of the anger within the Tory ranks was underlined by a Commons vote on Tuesday, when 97 Tory MPs voted against a motion backing Mrs May's call for an extension which only passed with the support of opposition MPs.

Mr Macron said he was "impatient" to hear what Mrs May had to say.

After answering their questions, the PM will leave the room to allow the EU27 to discuss Britain's future in her absence over dinner.

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