Suspected poacher killed by an elephant before being eaten by lions

Rhino in Kruger National Park. Credit PA

Rhino in Kruger National Park. Credit PA

A rhino poacher was trampled to death by an elephant and his remains were devoured by a pride of lions in South Africa's Kruger National Park on Tuesday (April 2), according to a report by the Letaba Herald.

All that was left to bring back into camp was the poacher's bloodied head and a pair of his trousers.

At least three poachers were eaten by a lion pride past year at the Sibuya Game Reserve in Eastern Province, South Africa after they broke into the park to hunt rhino.

The incident happened at Kruger National Park (KNP) and saw four other poachers flee the game reserve in terror.

In a statement released by the South African Police Service, confirmed they had found his dismembered head and clothing.

A human skull and a pair of trousers were recovered Thursday, and a pride of lions is believed to have eaten the man after he was crushed.

Skukuza police were notified immediately with investigations into the incident ongoing.

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Three men, aged between 26 and 35 who were believed to be the accomplices were arraigned in court on Friday, April 5, and charged with conspiracy to engage in poaching.

Local police have arrested three of the man's accomplices and seized two.375 hunting rifles and ammunition.

Glenn Phillips, Managing Executive of Kruger National Park, has praised those who were part of the search party that helped the family find closure by finding the remains.

They're set to appear in court soon.

'It is very sad to see the daughters of the deceased mourning the loss of their father, and worse still, only being able to recover very little of his remains'.

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