Health officials confirm measles case in Maryland resident

Measles Outbreaks in 2019 Outpace Total for 2018, 2nd Highest Since Disease Eliminated in U.S.

34 Confirmed Cases of Measles in Michigan

A "Nurse on Call" phone line also will be operating from 10 1 p.m. Saturday to take questions.

State health officials have confirmed a case of measles in northern Indiana.

The newly confirmed cases were all in Oakland County, bringing the case count to 38 in Oakland County and one in Wayne County.

Officials advise any individuals who were present at these locations at the times listed above to check their immunization records or contact their health care provider if they are unsure about their immunization status. MDHHS follows Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance and does not recommend routine measles vaccinations for children less than 12 months of age unless there is a suspected measles exposure; there is thought to be an imminent measles exposure such as being in areas of known measles; or worldwide travel planned.

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Measles is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by a virus. The PIN can be obtained from your healthcare provider upon request. A single dose of measles vaccine protects about 95 percent of children, but after two doses, nearly 100 percent are immune. Individuals born before 1957 are presumed to be immune to measles. Some people who believe they were exposed may be able to prevent measles if they are treated with a medicine called immune globulin within six days of exposure.

More than 93 percent of people who receive a single dose of MMR will develop immunity to the disease, and more the 97 percent is protected after a second dose.

High fever (may spike to over 104˚F). The virus can remain in the air for up to two hours. Within three to seven days, a red blotchy rash will appear, first on the face and then spreading to the body, arms and legs. Be prepared to describe your symptoms and alert your doctor if you think you have been in contact with an infected person.

The newest case is a young child who is now recovering from the illness and is past the infectious period.

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