Rally to oppose the federal carbon tax

Lisa Moffatt says the carbon tax won't change her habits

Lisa Moffatt says the carbon tax won't change her habits

The Manitoba government will challenge the federal carbon tax in court.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had stated for two years that he would slap the carbon tax on any province that failed to prepare its own plan by the April 1 deadline.

That prompted Ottawa to impose its own tax in the four provinces, which started Monday.

The premier noted the Manitoba court case could be pre-empted if Saskatchewan wins its constitutional challenge against the carbon tax or if October's federal election produces a government that eliminates the pollution levy.

Health Minister Christine Elliott said heating costs at all of Ontario's hospitals will go from $10.8-million this year to over $27-million by 2022-23.

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"There is no justification for the federal government to have rejected Manitoba's plan while approving less effective plans from other provinces", said Pallister, accusing the federal government of being "unfair to Manitobans". Saskatchewan is clearly more progressive than the federal Liberals are, as they found other ways that very ably address the concerns of greenhouse gas emissions that does not hurt and cripple the economy, but the Liberals are giving no recognition of this plan and are thus bent on causing hurt to the local economy, particularly to the ag and oil sectors and to all consumers in general.

Pallister wouldn't directly answer if there's any chance Manitoba could wind up replacing the federal levy with the $25 flat tax.

"Instead of wasting taxpayer dollars in court fighting climate action, we would have hoped to see the premier fight climate change". "If some Conservative politicians choose to not do what's right for our climate and our kids, we will", wrote federal parliamentary secretary Terry Duguid, in an emailed statement.

The Made In Ontario Environment Plan was introduced in the legislature last November, and is making its way through the legislative process now.

"I do not want to prejudice the legitimacy of our court case by getting in to hypotheticals", he said.

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