Israeli Rabbi, Wounded in Palestinian Attack, Dies

At least 1 Israeli killed & 2 wounded in Palestinian attack in occupied West Bank

Palestinian kills Israeli soldier in West Bank

Hospital officials said he was in critical condition.

Netanyahu, who leads the most rightwing government in Israeli history, relies on support from settlers in the West Bank.

The terrorist then hijacked a auto and drove to another nearby junction, where he shot a third person before fleeing into a nearby Palestinian village, the military said.

Israeli troops went house to house overnight in search of the assailant, identified as a 19-year-old Palestinian, and closed off a cluster of villages where he is believed to be hiding.

"That same assailant fired with that weapon toward three vehicles", he said, with the third auto targeted stopping. Another vehicle slowed to a stop and the attacker then boarded it and sped away, firing toward soldiers along the way before escaping into a almost Palestinian village. "A manhunt is ongoing", Conricus said. He said it was unclear if the assailant acted alone or with the assistance of others, and whether he belonged to any Palestinian militant group.

Netanyahu draws a large portion of his base from the roughly 450,000 Israeli Jews who live in the West Bank, territory that Israel captured in the 1967 Israeli-Arab war and Palestinians hope to include in a future sovereign state.

Since 2015, Palestinians have killed over 50 Israelis in stabbings, shootings and car-ramming attacks.

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The Ettinger family stated after his passing that "the holy Rabbi Achad Ettinger fell on Kiddush Hashem(sanctifying God's name) by a lowly murderer during a terror attack in which he revealed daring, courage, and great bravery while shooting at the despicable terrorist".

The IDF said in a statement that they were searching for the gunman. Israel struck back hitting 100 Hamas targets in Gaza.

Describing the situation in the Salfit district as "really tense and stressful", Palestinian residents told Middle East Eye on Sunday that Israeli forces were raiding Bruqin and had installed checkpoints and roadblocks leading to neighbouring villages and the cities of Qalqiliya, Nablus and Ramallah.

It is also the location of Judaism's most sacred spot, revered as the site of the two biblical-era Jewish temples.

There have been scuffles in recent weeks between Palestinian worshippers and Israeli police over the use of a side building there known as the Golden Gate.

Israeli forces frequently raid Palestinian houses nearly on a daily basis across the West Bank on the pretext of searching for "wanted" Palestinians, triggering clashes with residents.

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