Activision officially announces Call of Duty: Mobile for iOS and Android

New Call of Duty Mobile Game Announced Coming Soon By Keshav Bhat

New Call of Duty Mobile Game Announced Coming Soon By Keshav Bhat

So, what does this official Call of Duty Mobile game look like? Well, there's no release date just yet, but you can pre-register for the title via the button below. "It's free to play with free updates".

"Call of Duty: Mobile" will come with familiar maps from the previous titles like Black Ops and Modern Warfare.

Additionally, players will be able to customize their loadouts to better fit their play style. Not only is there a version of the classic Zombies mode, but even a mobile version of COD's Blackout Battle Royale mode.

Activision is partnering PUBG Mobile hitmaker Tencent to create Call of Duty Mobile. Given the success of Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, it's no surprise that Activision wants a slice of the action.

Activision and Tencent lift the lid on Call of Duty: Mobile

Tencent have previously worked on the mobile version of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (the game that arguably started the Battle Royale phenomenon), so they have experience in delivering such modes to mobile players.

Call of Duty, the popular first-person shooter video game franchise, is coming to Android and iOS. Activision is also advertising fan-favorite maps Nuketown and Crash as a part of the mobile game.

Apart from that, Call of Duty: Mobile has no connection in terms of storyline with the original Call of Duty series.

Are you excited at the prospect of playing Call of Duty Mobile during your commute, or downtime away from your home console? Once officially launched, the game will also be available on the iOS App Store too. Now, it finally seems like Activision is going to make that happen, as earlier tonight the publishing giant announced that Call of Duty: Mobile, a Tencent-developed, Chinese-only game (at least up until this point) will be making its way to other countries soon. It's much larger than a standard Call of Duty multiplayer map. As mentioned earlier, the game will be available for free, but some items in the game might cost real money. With the latest announcement, the beta testing might open to more regions.

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