Apple's new AirPods offer longer battery life and wireless charging case

New AirPods 2 launch with better battery and hands-free

Apple Announces AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Optional

While the second-generation AirPods share the same design of the originals, their wireless architecture has been completely rebuilt with the inclusion of Apple's new H1 chip, which is debuting today.

There are tons of wireless earbuds available for less and for more than AirPods, but none balance sound quality, size, battery life, and seamless connectivity between devices as well as AirPods.

The new AirPods with a standard charging case are priced at $159, while those with wireless charging case are available for $199, the iPhone maker said in a statement.

Siri can now be activated without tapping the AirPods. The new wireless earbuds look identical to the old model, but come with a new H1 chip to achieve up to 50 percent longer talk time on a given charge, and enable hands-free "Hey Siri" voice controls.

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All in all, the new AirPods are a solid update. A standalone Wireless Charging Case can be bought for $79/£79/AU$129 separately.

A 15-minute charge from the case should be enough for three hours of listening, which will probably cover your commute home. The headline news here is that they have optional wireless charging (as in, the battery case they come in can itself be charged wirelessly), but you'll need to pay £40 extra to get a special wireless case.

The company is also selling just the wireless charging case for the existing AirPods users for Rs 7,500 (in the United States - $79). Both will still hold a top-up charge for "more than 24 hours of total listening time" and the wireless case is Qi-compatible for any chargers you're already using with your new (ish) iPhone. No problems, Apple will sell you the wireless charging case separate. Previously, the LED was incorporated inside the case on the predecessor, however, the additional effort of opening the lid has been removed by Apple.

Purchase options for the second-generation AirPods.

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