Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign Will Be The First To Unionize

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"We can not just support unions with words, we must back it up with actions", he tweeted.

The move will put other Democratic presidential campaigns, especially the ones competing for progressive voters, under pressure to follow suit and at least remain neutral if their staffers decide to organize.

In a statement on Friday, the campaign said it had recognized its staffers' decision to unionize, making it the first major-party presidential campaign to employ a formally organized workforce.

The rally will be held Saturday.

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Workers on Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' campaign have joined a labor union, becoming the first presidential campaign in history to unionize.

"While political campaigns aren't the easiest work environment, every worker has the right to respect and dignity", Mr. Federici added. The union primarily represents food and retail service workers, however, it also represents employees of Solidarity Strategies, which is Chuck Rocha's consulting firm, reported The Huffington Post. In card check, union organizers ask workers to sign cards affirming that they support a union. All campaign employees below the rank of deputy director will be represented by the union, which said the number could grow to more than 1,000 members.

Several women who worked on the 2016 Sanders campaign have since alleged they were subjected to harassment, mistreatment and gender discrimination.

The next step is for the campaign and the union to begin negotiations over a collective bargaining agreement, the union said.

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