Android Q Promises To Make Your Smartphone Safer And Smarter

Credit ID 118943519

Credit ID 118943519

The adware carrying app campaign once again highlights the need for Android users to peruse the reviews accompanying an application prior to downloading one.

The functionality of SimBad can be summarized under three separate categories, including phishing, the ability to show advertisements, and exposure to secondary apps. About 10 percent of the apps tested appeared to come from amateur developers more focused on advertising and monetization than security. You can slip malware past these apps by using a package name like "" because the beginning is the same as Google's apps. As noted on the latest Android Developers Blog, new apps icons for the Google Play Store will feature rounded corners and straight sides at the top and bottom.

"A successful scam app may be downloaded many times before it is found to be a scam", the company says. However, it does also lock out legitimate apps that use clipboard data for other purposes, like passing them to a PC for seamless copying and pasting between devices. It was found that numerous antivirus apps instead of scanning the apps, simply used a whitelist/blacklist approach based on package names than relying on the code for deciding whether an app is risky or harmless. According to a study, two-thirds of all Android antivirus apps are useless and fail to detect malware despite big claims.

Think of the last time you downloaded an app from the Play Store and it didn't work because you didn't have the right version on your phone.

Previously users had only single control but starting with Android Q now, users have their own access to an app that asks for location data that has to be granted for proper functioning.

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Use only trustworthy AV, not this garbage that after scan makes you uninstall nearly all of your apps because its nonsense detection rules.

So we usually bring these apps to you so that you can get it at a huge discount rate! They can also take advantage of the company's developer guides and privacy checklists. Together these apps had 150 million downloads and most of the affected ones are simulator games.

Other security apps only seemed to be using black-and-white lists for virus detection.

As you'd expect from such a major release, the laundry list of new features, enhancements and fixes is extensive and delves into everything from superficial interface changes to developer tools and APIs that most of us would rarely hear about or even realise existed.

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