Tucker Carlson Doubles Down On Racism

Surfaced Audio Shows Carlson In Misogynistic Rants

Fox News' Tucker Carlson Calls Iraqis “Semiliterate Primitive Monkeys” in Surfaced Recording

The first of the old Tucker Carlson radio clips - recorded before he became a Fox News host - were brought to light by the liberal-leaning watchdog Media Matters.

Facing heat from observers across the political spectrum, Carlson has repeatedly refused to back down, condemn his past comments or apologize. On his show that night, he ranted about the "American outrage machine". None of that matters. "And he came into work to stand up to this, and I want the great viewers of this channel to know that".

The point of releasing those clips, and the point of sharing or commenting on them, is not to get an apology. The 100 or so shows we made with Mr. Carlson weren't a secret.

On his show Tuesday, Carlson attacked Media Matters, inaccurately calling them "a George Soros-funded lobbying organization, whose sole mission is to punish critics of the Democratic Party". How that relates to his misogynist, racist, and perverted statements isn't clear. He also credited "white men" for "creating civilization" and is heard using homophobic slurs.

In one particularly vile clip published by NowThis, Carlson and the show's cohosts make insulting and sexually explicit jokes about Miss USA contestant Caitlin Upton.

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"In case anyone in Tucker's audience didn't pick up on his subtle messages, he sometimes turns up the dog-whistle", Bee said during her Wednesday show. WaPo, however, claimed Carlson believes he is the victim of the young woman who found the tapes and sought to compare Carlson's relative influence to her.

After national criticism for her performance in the Miss Teen USA pageant, Upton considered suicide, according to the Washington Post.

The comments were made on a radio program called "Bubba the Love Sponge Show" between 2006 and 2011. He was sued for alleged on-air animal cruelty, as well as for allegedly overseeing sexual assault on his show.

The heat on Fox News comes as the network ramps up its efforts to court advertisers and alleviate concerns about recent controversies, which also include comments by host Jeanine Pirro that questioned the patriotism of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) because she wears a hijab.

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