House demands that upcoming Mueller report be made public

House endorses making Mueller report public in unanimous 420-0 vote

House poised to pass measure calling for DOJ to publicly release Mueller's report

In what may be one of the most bipartisan votes in years, the U.S House of Representatives late Thursday morning voted 420-0 to demand the Dept. of Justice publicly release the Mueller report.

But the resolution by itself can not force attorney general William Barr to publish more of the report than he intends to - and that is why even some of the Republicans supporting it complained that the measure was a waste of time.

Multiple Republican ranking members on various committees said Thursday's resolution was a waste of time, but they voted for it anyway on substance.

If you're a Republican, wouldn't you rather leave it in Bill Barr's discretion as to whether to release Mueller's findings considering that (a) Barr is Trump's handpicked AG, (b) an outspoken skeptic of certain aspects of Mueller's investigation, and (c) unlike congressional Republicans, he'll actually know the contents of the report when he makes his decision?

The vote put the vast majority of House Republicans on record as supporting broad disclosure of the report on an investigation that Trump has called a "witch hunt" led by "thugs".

Weissmann's departure is the clearest sign yet that Mueller's investigation is wrapping up.

On Thursday afternoon, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY attempted to bring the Mueller report resolution to the Senate floor by asking for unanimous consent and calling for the Senate to pass the measure.

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Several Republicans have also agreed that Mueller should release not simply the full report, but any and all investigative materials that informed it.

House Democrats already have vowed to subpoena the report and go to court if necessary to win its full release.

He said the resolution was also needed because Department of Justice officials have hinted they may not "release information about individuals who are not indicted".

"They came in and so many of them said they wanted to work with the president and get things done for infrastructure and health care and instead they're moving on all these radical ideas", Gidley said of Democrats in an interview on Fox News.

But the effort did not move forward after Republican Sen. "All signs right now point to Mueller finding no collusion with Russian Federation, at least not by Trump, in the final report".

Now that it's on the other side of Capitol Hill, Senator Lindsey Graham has a change to the resolution. Mr. Barr can release the report publicly if he decides it is in the public interest.

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