The Premieres of SpaceX's Crew Dragon First Flight into Space

Dragon Crew Demo-1 Mission launches from Cape Canaveral

Dragon Crew Demo-1 Mission launches from Cape Canaveral

The Crew Dragon capsule has gone through a successful docking test with the International Space Station and subsequently spent a week with the astronauts on it, after it had delivered a sensor-packed dummy- named Ripley after the iconic Alien franchise heroine- around 450lbs worth of cargo and a Little Earth plush toy that acted as a zero-g indicator.

After hours of suspense, the Dragon spacecraft touched down at 8:45 am (1345 GMT) some 230 miles (370 kilometers) off the coast of the USA state of Florida.

Results from this mission will determine whether SpaceX can stick to its current 2019 test schedule following previous development delays for the Hawthorne, California-based company and Boeing. It's a huge step forward for NASA for the International Space Program.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine hailed the splashdown, saying it "marked another milestone in a new era of human spaceflight".

SpaceX has a new all-star crew member, though it's anything but human: It's a $20 plush-toy planet that astronauts call "Little Earth" or "Earthy".

"It won't be long before our astronaut colleagues are aboard Crew Dragon and Boeing Starliner vehicles, and we can't wait", USA astronaut Anne McClain said on behalf of the ISS crew after the capsule left the station.NASA and the administration of President Donald Trump have spent all week extolling the historic nature of the mission.

Falcon 9 returns to Earth after launching the Crew Dragon
Falcon 9 returns to Earth after launching the Crew Dragon

In June, the capsule's in-flight abort system will be put to the test: the rocket will take off without human passengers, after which the capsule will eject using its own engines and return safely in a simulation of an incident.

"He's going to welcome us aboard, probably, when we get there", Behnken said Friday during a NASA TV broadcast. Boeing plans to test an uncrewed mission on its Starliner spacecraft in early April.

"For the first time, we've gotten to see an end-to-end test, and so now we've brought together the people, the hardware and all the processes and procedures, and we've gotten to see how they all work together, and that's very important as we move toward putting people onboard", he said. The capsule was not crewed, the flight being the Dragon's first launch and landing.

The last generation of USA spacecraft, the space shuttles, landed like airplanes.

First commercially-built and operated American crew spacecraft and rocket to launch from American soil on a mission to the space station. NASA buys seats for its astronauts, who train with their Russian cosmonaut counterparts.

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