Sterling gains as MPs expected to vote against no-deal Brexit

UK Parliament  Jessica Taylor Theresa May and the Conservative frontbench await the result of vote on her Brexit deal

UK Parliament Jessica Taylor Theresa May and the Conservative frontbench await the result of vote on her Brexit deal

May's fellow Conservative Members of Parliament is a blow to the Prime Minister and it means that her Brexit deal is likely to be defeated by MPs in a vote scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday.

May - her voice ragged after days of frantic shuttle diplomacy to secure last-minute changes to the deal - had earlier told the House of Commons, "this is the moment and this is the time - time for us to come together, back this motion and get the deal done".

May has said the government would not instruct lawmakers from her own Conservative party, who are bitterly divided over Brexit, on how to vote on Wednesday, as would normally be the case.

While she lost, the margin of defeat was smaller than the record 230-vote loss her deal suffered in January.

If lawmakers vote down May's deal again, they will be given a vote on Wednesday on leaving without a deal, for which there is little support in parliament.

While a short Brexit delay is acceptable to the European Union, few in the bloc believe it would be enough to break the deadlock in Britain's government, parliament and the wider country, all split in half on Brexit. However, EU officials have said that while they might consider a delay, they won't make any further concessions to the agreement.

But we will do all we can to support people and businesses across Northern Ireland in the event that we leave without a deal.

In a statement, the European Commission said the member states "have done all that is possible to reach an agreement". "Our "no-deal" preparations are now more important than ever before", he wrote on Twitter.

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The border has been open and unguarded for 20 years since the Good Friday agreement ended the armed conflict in Northern Ireland, but that status will be much more hard to maintain once Britain is no longer part of the EU. The UK remaining in the European Union at that point would create a constitutional headache - would we field candidates?

Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley said the government was clear that a deal with the European Union was "the best outcome for Northern Ireland".

It expects Prime Minister Theresa May to ask for a delay to Brexit to avoid economic disruption should Britain leave with no plan in place.

Several MPs argued that holding out against the agreement risked ensuring Parliament seized control of the Brexit process and steered Britain towards a "soft Brexit".

The government said it would not apply a tariff regime and customs border on goods transiting across the land border from Ireland to Northern Ireland but admitted that this created a "potential for exploitation" if those goods are then transported across the sea to mainland Britain for sale.

But it has proven to be a major stumbling block in Britain's quest for a divorce deal. The changes were announced as the government attempts to mitigate a £9bn food-price shock from a no-deal Brexit.

With just over two weeks to go until Brexit, Theresa May has once again failed to get her Brexit deal through parliament, leaving complete uncertainty about where the nation goes next. Another vote on whether to seek a delay in enacting Article 50 would be held on the next day.

Shortly before the vote, Barnier voiced disquiet at the tenor of the debate in the House of Commons, warning MPs against the "dangerous illusion" that they could benefit from a transition period even without a proper divorce deal. The EU will likely grant an extension because it won't want to be seen as forcing a no deal situation, but the fact that an extension into May would likely see Britain having to participate in the next European parliament elections raises issues for both sides.

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