Runtime of Game of Thrones final season episodes revealed

Game Of Thrones 8 Run-times of the final SIX episodes revealed- see pics

Game Of Thrones Season 8's First Two Episodes Aren't Extra Long

Now, the upcoming season premiere's runtime has been officially revealed, as reported by EW, the apparent plug for Game Of Thrones exclusives. Now we have word that the scope of the season is slightly smaller than that, because the lengths of the first two episodes of season eight have been revealed. Normally, individual episodes are priced at $4.49 CAD each (there are 10 episodes in season 2).

Those runtimes are certainly shorter than some of the figures that were previously bandied about, with HBO programming president Casey Bloys at one point suggesting we'd be seeing 90-120 minute episodes, which was then walked back to "50-90". Apparently, an HBO executive claimed that the first two episodes ran for about an hour, while the final four hovered closer to the eighty-minute mark.

Many fans are already discussing these run times with a bit of negativity as it seemed like the episodes may be even longer based on previous comments and rumors. "They'll be dancing around the bigger numbers, I know that for sure", he wrote in November of 2018.

Enterprising fans have figured out the remaining four episodes in the season will indeed be super-sized, clocking in around 70 and 80 minutes, including the series finale.

Game Of Thrones Season 8's First Two Episodes Aren't Extra Long

While some may be disappointed that the whole season won't have movie-length episodes, there's no cause to pad out the length simply because it's the show's last season.

In the wake of a truly epic trailer, Game Of Thrones hype has reached an all-time high. Similarly, toggle further down and you'll find that episode two is 58 minutes long. will have daily GoT coverage up until launch and through the season.

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