Flight returns after woman leaves her baby in terminal

Saudi Arabian plane forced to return as woman forgets to take child on board

Saudi Plane Forced to Return Immediately After Take-Off As Mother Forgets Baby at Airport

But for one mother, her forgetfulness turned to horror after she boarded a plane and forgot to take her newborn baby with her. The video now has more than 50,000 views. "Can we come back or what?" he was heard saying.

They allowed the plane to return, telling the flight deck, "Okay, head back to the gate".

After which a conversation ensues between the air traffic controller and the pilot about protocol, as they'd never experienced anything like it before.

It is not known how the mother ended up forgetting her baby.

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The aircraft is then given permission to turn around, but the ATC officials are evidently surprised and confused about the request.

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The operator then gave them permission to return to King Abdul Aziz International Airport.

A viral video of the incident, seemingly taken inside the controllers' office, captured the exchange between the pilot and the controllers.

The plane had been flying for a few minutes.

The Saudia flight bound for Kuala Lumpur eventually returned to the airport in Jeddah.

In 2013, one American Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing because of an "unruly" passenger who refused to stop singing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. "This is a totally new one for us!" replied the ATC.

However, as per an Independent report, this is not the first time women have bee caught in air travel-related acts. That a woman forgot her baby probably didn't fall in this category, but this pilot chose to consider it such - and acted accordingly.

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