Brexit Vote: Theresa May loses second Brexit vote

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Theresa May during Prime Minister’s Questions

Prime Minister Theresa May has given up any pretence of leading Britain by allowing her MPs to vote according to their own beliefs rather than along party lines on Wednesday, the Labour Party said on Tuesday.

Mr Boles" actions follow Theresa May losing last night's "meaningful vote' on her Withdrawal Agreement by 391 votes to 242.

"Since her Brexit deal was so overwhelmingly rejected, the Prime Minister has recklessly run down the clock, failed to effectively negotiate with the European Union and refused to find common ground for a deal Parliament could support".

He then told Radio 5 Live that Theresa May has not allowed discussion of "alternative compromises" and "never been allowed to debate and vote on anything other than her deal".

She said: "It surprised me again as it did last time how major the loss was".

The MP voted with the Prime Minister but earlier in the day warned Brexiteer MPs, who favour a "no deal" Brexit.

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She said she was "not frightened" of the people in her Birmingham Yardley constituency who voted to leave, saying if they do not like her views they can vote her out.

Battling against her ailment the Prime Minister made a statement after the result of the vote was read out, saying: "I continue to believe that by far the best outcome is the United Kingdom leaves the European Union in orderly fashion with a deal".

Under the no deal plan revealed this morning, 87 per cent of products would be subject to zero tariffs in an effort to stop price spikes and kick-start trade with Britain from across the world. Just three Labour MPs backed the deal.

Walker said May would lead the party into any election.

Channel 4 News host Krishnan Guru-Murthy said: "Theresa May has lost her voice - this is terrible".

She added: "I don't believe there is a deal out there that is better than we have now". Mrs May's massive defeat also opens the door to drastic options such as a general election or second referendum. But what I hope is a cause for optimism is that the Prime Minister seemed to discuss what many of us have been waiting for, for a long time, the opportunity for Parliament to give direction either in terms of a different kind of deal or, indeed, she even mentioned a second referendum. Now this impasse can only be solved in the United Kingdom'.

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