Windows 10 now automatically recovers from bollixed updates

Microsoft to automatically remove botched updates

New Windows patch might make some games perform worse

If a PC fails to start following a Windows 10 update and reboot, users may see a notification that reads: "We removed some recently installed updates to recover your device from a startup failure". Now, for those serious instances when a patch causes startup issues, the OS will identify the last installed update and automatically remove it.

The new option may resolve some issues automatically but it certainly is not a catch-all option that recovery any issue that is update related.

According to Windows Latest, which discovered the documentation, Microsoft published the support document with no official announcement, and it apparently even blocked search engines from discovering the page.

Other problems with this update include authentication issues with Internet Explorer 11 (although you shouldn't be using that outdated browser anyway) and an error "1309" which appears when installing or uninstalling certain types of MSI and MSP files.

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This new feature is welcome, as the general advice for people who are experiencing problems after installing an update is to uninstall the update to see if that fixes things.

Updates to Windows are supposed to fix problems and improve security, but sometimes they do the opposite. It mentions that the company regularly and automatically installs updates to make sure that your device remains secure and speedy.

If you ever end up in this situation, Microsoft also explained that Windows 10 will also prevent the automatic installation of "problematic updates" for the next 30 days to give the company some time to investigate any issues. But considering it's only done after all other fixes have failed, recovering from one may still be a very time-consuming process.

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