WaPo: In Talk With Pence, Cheney Compared Trump's Foreign Policy to Obama's

Donald Trump Jr. waves to the audience during a rally for President Trump

Donald Trump Jr. waves to the audience during a rally for President Trump

"I worry that the bottom line of that kind of an approach is we have an administration that looks a lot more like Barack Obama than Ronald Reagan", Cheney said to Pence, according to the Post, which obtained a transcript of the discussion that was off-the-record.

The Washington Post reports that the two clashed at a closed-door retreat hosted by the American Enterprise Institute in Georgia, on subjects including the withdrawal of troops from Syria and the tougher stance taken by the Trump administration toward North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

The questions were a departure from the set of subjects that had been agreed upon for the meeting, which was attended by 200 select guests.

Pence responded to Cheney's concerns at one point by saying that "when the American people elected this president, they elected a president who expressed concern about American deployments around the world, and they knew this was going to be a president that came and asked the fundamental questions about - you know, where are we deployed and do we really need to be asking men and women in uniform to be deployed in that part of the world?"

Cheney also raised alarm over news reports that Trump does not spend sufficient time with his intelligence briefers as well as over frequent staff churn in key national security postings.

In response to Cheney's questions about Trump's hardline attitudes towards NATO allies - whom he has repeatedly asked to devote a minimum of two percent of their GDP on defense spending as per Article 5 of the treaty - Pence argued that the president can demand US allies to spend more on defense and still uphold good relations with them.

Pence joked about the absence of "softball" questions before the annual gathering of conservative thinkers, politicians and business leaders.

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Trump Jr.'s tweet echoes the criticisms his father has made about the George W. Bush administration's foreign policy following September 11, 2001.

Pence responded to Cheney's concern over the cancelation of U.S.

"I don't know, that sounded like a NY state real estate deal to me", Cheney said.

But the impression from one person there was that Pence relied too much on platitudes rather than addressing the criticisms directly.

Trump's foreign policy is more isolationist than the traditional Republican view of worldwide involvement.

Pence reportedly pushed back a number of times, praising Trump and accusing critics of conflating "the demand that our allies live up to their word and their commitments and an erosion in our commitment to the post-World War II order".

"We're going to continue [to] train", Pence said.

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