Spotify Premium now comes with free Hulu access

Spotify Premium Free Hulu

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Last year, the two companies introduced a plan that would allow you to get both Spotify and Hulu for $12.99, but now that price has been lowered to $9.99, the price of a Spotify subscription.

If you're new to Spotify Premium, after you sign up for the offer, you'll have the Premium streaming service and Hulu free for the first 30 days. If you already subscribe to Spotify, you might as well take advantage of this offer and nab Hulu for free. Additionally, the deal is available only to individual users, so those who want a family subscription in addition to the Hulu offer won't be able to get it.

Now, those who jumped on that offer will be shifted automatically to this new promotion. And now you'll also get Hulu.

In total, it's worth nearly $72 in saved subscription fees over the course of a year.

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Spotify Premium (spot) is the paid alternative to Spotify Free. With Hulu subscription, you can access Hulu's library of hit TV series and films, current shows from every major US broadcast network, and acclaimed Hulu Originals.

Spotify already had a good thing going by bundling Spotify Premium and Hulu for $12.99 each month.

The bad news is that this isn't a permanent deal.

On its own, Hulu's ad-supported plan continues to fetch $5.99 a month, compared to Netflix's recently hiked $9 Standard service tier, which limits the streaming quality to HD resolution while including no commercials. No word on just how many "supplies" that actually refers to.

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