Meghan Markle moved to tears at ceremony

Kate Middleton's Gucci blouse, oversized flares and croc print bag might be her most exciting outfit in years

Kate Middleton Talks The Ups And Downs Of Parenting While Hanging Out With Toddlers!

The Duchess was sitting next to Prince Harry during the service, which is attended by the royals every year.

"I touched my belly all the time because it was MY belly and it was MY baby (usually as active as this video) inside, had insane emotions ranging from elation to depression to rage to uncontrollable fits of laughter", she wrote.

Ent Daily has contacted a representative for the Duchess of Sussex for comment.

Kate Middleton has always stuck to classic silhouettes, but lately she's narrowed the scope, opting for pieces that exude a distinctly 1940s vibe.

This all comes on the heels of reports in December that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were losing aide Samantha Cohen, who is set to leave once her replacement has been found. Cohen became their private secretary and chief of staff last summer. Also seen arriving to the service was Duchess Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry.

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Meghan also chose to ditch her engagement ring when she attended the 70 anniversary of the Commonwealth at Westminster Abbey.

Traditionally, a church wedding would not be allowed if a royal family member is marrying someone who has been divorced, but luckily, Harry's grandmother was willing to bend the rules this time!

Typically, royal moms do not have such high-profile baby showers, if they even have one at all. The event is usually held on the second Monday in March to celebrate the Commonwealth of Nations.

Meghan was still wearing her wedding ring, which is made of rare Welsh gold, and was gifted to the couple by The Queen. Whatever the reason may be for the queen's decision to let Meghan bend the rules a little, we are glad that she is willing to sit back and let the little things go!

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