Infiniti will exit western Europe to focus on US, China

Nissan to end Sunderland production of luxury Infiniti brand

Infiniti Leaving Western Europe In 2020, Ending Q30, QX30 UK Production This Summer

The restructuring plan will end all Infiniti auto sales in western Europe, although Nissan's premium brand will continue in some eastern European countries, along with China and the USA.

The move follow's Nissan's recent decision to build its new X-Trail model in Japan, instead of Sunderland.

Infiniti announced on Tuesday that it is pulling out of the Western European market.

According to Autocar, Infiniti accumulated approximately 60,000 customers in Europe since it entered the market in 2008.

According to Car Sales Base, the brand sold just 6250 vehicles across Europe past year, down from 12,571 in 2017. Infiniti Motor Company, a division of Nissan, said in a statement that it would stop production of Q30 and QX30 crossover models in Sunderland by mid-2019 as part of a global restructuring, amid sector-wide turbulence partially attributed to Brexit.

Infiniti Q30

"The commercial reality for Infiniti in western Europe is that there is simply no visibility of a viable and sustainable business, especially given the regulatory challenges", he added.

A spokesman said that the targets could be met by Infiniti, like any other vehicle maker, with investment in electrified technology, but there was no viable way of the company to do so. "This is all part of Infiniti's vision to become a top challenger in the premium segment", the company said.

Infiniti promises that it will assist impacted workers in finding employment and negotiate end-of-franchise agreements with its retail outlets.

Infiniti has 51 employees in its western Europe operations.

'In the coming weeks Unite will be working closely with Nissan to protect jobs and ensure that redeployment is carried out in an open and transparent way.

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