Nintendo Labo VR Kit Announced; Launches Next Month

The Nintendo Switch Is Getting A VR Labo Kit

Nintendo announces a Labo VR Kit for Switch

Looks like Game Theory was correct, Nintendo is heading into the VR market with their Nintendo Switch console and allowing gamers to build it using a Nintendo Labo kit.

Nintendo has announced a VR Kit for Nintendo Labo, which is bringing the virtual reality for the first time ever on the Switch. From there, you can create a number of attachments, including a blaster gun, a camera lens, a wind pedal, a bird or an elephant trunk. Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser said this is meant to encourage interactions among players, virtual or not.

This is a Cardboard manufactured VR Kit which shares an ultimate Simple and Sharable experience of the Virtual Reality. The project marks Nintendo's first foray into the world of virtual reality since the release of the much-maligned Virtual Boy in 1995.

Meanwhile, a $49.99 Starter Set offers the Labo Switch software, components to build the Toy-Con VR Goggles and Toy-Con Blaster and Screen Holder and Safety Cap. The two expansion sets do not include the VR Goggles or VR Kit software. Well, no. And not only that but Switch VR - like Google Cardboard - has you building the bracket for it all out of cardboard.

Nintendo is offering North American players some special deals on select Mario games for the Switch.

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Expansion sets will also be available should you want to add to the starter kit at a later date.

Six new Toy-Con kits are being introduced: VR Goggles, Blaster, Camera, Elephant, Bird, and Wind Pedal.

Both Nintendo Labo VR Kits and the expansions are set to launch on April 12.

Interestingly, this VR Kit from Nintendo will come in different packages and the pricing for each package will also be different.

There are a few instances where it might be OK to purchase a third-party Nintendo Labo Kit. There isn't any cost difference to buying things separately, so I could see grabbing the starter bundle before plunking down the extra cash on the full kit and kaboodle.

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