Motorola Moto RAZR Folding Phone Secondary Screen Details Leaked

Motorola’s Foldable Razr Phone May Offer Limited Number of Apps on Second Screen

Motorola foldable phone’s second display will reportedly show up to six quick settings tiles

As per the renders, ZTE, unlike Samsung and Huawei who have their foldable smartphones fold horizontally, will have its smartphone fold vertically. Motorola recently confirmed rumors that it is indeed working on a foldable device, which in all likelihood will be a resurrection of the iconic RAZR brand.

Neither of these two phones are expected to arrive just yet, with a late 2019 or 2020 timescale being discussed.

While Samsung's Galaxy Fold and Huawei's Mate X are already making headlines for their novel design and mighty price tags, more and more OEMs are set to fight for the limelight. Well, we need to wait a few more days until the company decides to unveil this one of the much-awaited devices from Motorola. That would certainly please would-be big-screen smartphone buyers, who are turned off by the sizable slabs of the current crop of large handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and others. The patent images on the post show a similar design as the Motorola RAZR that we have seen earlier.

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According to a source speaking to XDA Developers, that secondary screen could be used as a trackpad to scroll through web pages and the like when you're viewing them on the main display. Motorola Razr users may be familiar with this feature as it is commonplace within the Razr smartphone line. The secondary display will be able to display six quick settings tiles, and it is yet unknown whether the company will allow you to scroll through more than six, but those six quick settings tiles will be able to fit that display.

The main camera can be used for taking selfies as the secondary display can act as a viewfinder while the main one will take the photo with a single tap or a swipe. The external display will show information like time, notifications and media buttons. Motorola will allegedly restrict which apps can access that display when the phone is folded, and at the moment, the prototype can only access pre-installed system applications (Moto Display, Moto Actions, and so on), though that may change by the time the device gets released.

In any case, we've learned some details about how the foldable phone's secondary external display will work. On that original flip-phone, the small outer screen showed things like caller ID and notification previews, rather than demanding that the phone be opened up completely.

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