Labour's Brexit plan is rejected - now it must support a People's Vote

Now Labour backs a second Brexit referendum will it happen

It's for the left to stand up and be counted in the fight for a People's Vote

It remains the case that while in much of the Labour Party there is a strong demand to argue and campaign for another referendum, in order to try to stay in the European Union, the leader's office has significant doubts about that.

When will there be serious engagement with people living in the north and in the Midlands who vote Labour but also voted for Brexit?

The party's own plan for a softer Brexit including a customs union with the EU was defeated once more in a Commons vote yesterday.

Hmm. If MPs can not approve a deal they might decide a second referendum is the only way to break the deadlock.

It is not clear what the proposed referendum would be on, but a Labour source heavily hinted that a remain option would be on the ballot paper in a second vote, saying: "We've said in the past that if there were another referendum that remain would need to be on the ballot paper".

"Jeremy Corbyn - potential prime minister - you can wave goodbye to that at the moment", said Fielding, adding that the departure of centrist MPs "has put the kybosh" on those immediate ambitions.

There have also been calls to delay Brexit beyond March 29 to avoid the possibility of a no deal.

But no big changes are expected, so May's Brexit deal is expected to be voted down, just as it was by a record margin in January, when she has sustained the heaviest parliamentary defeat of any British prime minister in the modern era after MPs rejected her Brexit deal by a resounding majority of 230.

MPs voted against the Labour amendment by 240 votes to 323 votes.

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May said the MPs would be offered two votes if the deal is rejected again and they will be able to vote on a no-deal Brexit and a limited extension to article 50 to negotiate the U.K.'s exit with the European Union beyond the Brexit date.

Keeping together pro and anti-Brexit wings of his party depends on Corbyn's "skills to finesse" his message, convincing Brexit supporters that Labour tried its best to respect the referendum result.

Speaking to ITV's Peston, Mr McDonnell explained that Labour would push for another referendum if Theresa May's Brexit deal was rejected by Parliament.

The Labour Party has announced it will back a second referendum to prevent a "damaging Tory Brexit" if its withdrawal plan is rejected by MPs this week.

"It was put to me earlier that this was a course that we should not adopt because of the social unrest it might cause".

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Matt Hancock again insisted that medicine supplies would be unhindered if there was a no-deal Brexit, following warnings from the Royal College of Radiologists that some cancer treatments may have to be delayed. That public vote would include a credible leave option and Remain.

It follows Theresa May's announcement yesterday that MPs will be given a vote on whether to delay Brexit if she fails to persuade them to vote for her deal.

Secondly though, there was a significant number of Tory MPs who abstained. The Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, who has been a thorn in the United Kingdom prime minister's side in recent months, told his parliament in Madrid that there would be conditions attached to an extension of the article 50 negotiating period. It is a complete U-turn, and breaks a fundamental commitment that Labour made in our manifesto to "accept the outcome of the referendum".

The government would allow a vote on March 13 at the latest asking whether lawmakers supported leaving without a deal.

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