Russian Islands Declare Emergency After Polar Bear ‘Invasion’

Russian islands declare emergency over polar bear `invasion`

Polar Bears Invade Russian Town: State of Emergency Declared

"A total of 50 polar bears are near the human settlements so we have loads of work ahead", he concluded. Rubber bullets can also be used. A state of emergency has been declared as dozens of bears have entered the towns in the region to look for food. "Parents are afraid to let the children go to school or kindergarten", says the statement. Geoff York, senior director of the non-profit Polar Bears International said that polar bear attics are relatively rare but he notes that when polar bears and humans exist close together the risk of conflict will increase.

Russian Federation classes polar bears as endangered and hunting them is banned. The residents of the island tried to scare off the polar bears using vehicle horns and dogs, but in vain.

The worrying migration of bears began late past year when the animals started to flock to the settlements of Novaya Zemlya en masse, seeking food at local dumps and harassing residents and their pets. Patrols were increased along with deployment of dogs but the bears showed little signs of fear.

The bears have broken into living quarters and other buildings in the village and have scavenged for food at a local dump.

The settlement put up additional fencing around schools and arranged for children to be driven to and from class.

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In what may be the latest effects of climate change, 52 hungry polar bears have been spotted roaming around a Russian town called Belushya Guba located in Novaya Zemlya.

Over fifty bears enter small townThe Washington Post reports: Fences have risen around kindergartens.

Scientists in Russian Federation said thinning sea ice could be an explanation for the invasion.

Novaya Zemlya head Zhigansha Musin said that the emergency would be effective until the local people's safety was ensured.

Such restrictions are meant to prevent just the sort of encounters that are now terrorizing the settlement. As green house gas emissions warm the globe and prompt the melting of sea ice, polar bears are forced to continue their pursuit of sustenance on land. "This is an anthropogenic problem".

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