Defense Intelligence Agency report aims to educate public on space security

Разведка США выяснила какое космическое оружие создает Россия

New Pentagon report warns of Russian and Chinese laser threats to US satellites

"Challenges to Security in Space" explains why space is a "contested" domain and why other countries might attempt to disrupt US satellites, for instance.

The United States has the most operational satellites, ahead of No. 2 China and No. 3 Russian Federation.

Russian Federation and China introduced a proposal to ban the placement of weapons to the United Nations Conference on Disarmament over a decade ago in 2008.

"The People's Liberation Army also sees counterspace operations as a means to deter and counter a possible U.S. intervention during a regional military conflict", the report said, adding that destroying satellites would make it hard for the United States to target precision guided weapons.

The agency, the Defense Department's in-house intelligence operation, warned that lasers that could damage US satellites were of particular concern. But Rep. Mike Rogers, then-chairman of the US House Armed Services Strategic Forces Subcommittee, told CNN in 2018 'the future of war will be fought in space.' 'Russia and China are surpassing us in space capabilities, and we need to dedicate a separate force exclusively with a space mission, ' he said.

China has demonstrated an anti-satellite missile and is working on a laser that could attack US properties in space.

"Both countries have developed robust and capable space services, and these capabilities provide their militaries with the ability to command and control their forces worldwide, and with enhanced situational awareness enabling them to monitor, track and target USA and allied forces", a senior DIA official said, speaking to reporters on background.

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Additionally, Russia and China now have "enhanced situational awareness, enabling them to monitor, track and target USA and allied forces", the report said.

China's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said the USA allegations were "groundless", as cited by Bloomberg. She said such developments were "more likely to turn into reality the risks of weaponizing outer space and making it a battlefield". The proposal-entitled the Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, the Threat or Use of Force against Outer Space Objects-was immediately shot down by the US, which labeled it "a diplomatic ploy by the two nations to gain a military advantage", according to Nuclear Threat Initiative. "As the number of satellites grows, so does the threats posed by space debris", the official said.

The Defense Intelligence Agency issued the warning in a report published onFebruary 11.

China, for instance, is attempting to become a "space power" that's focused on exploration and defense, according to the DIA. The rest is debris, including parts of spacecraft.

Both countries are developing an arsenal of anti-satellite weaponry including missiles, cyber attacks, and "directed energy weapons", according to the US Defense Intelligence Agency. "The United States harnesses the benefits of space for communications, financial transactions, public safety, weather, agriculture, navigation and more".

Space is integral to America's economic and commercial success.

"Space is fundamental to USA prosperity", the Pentagon official said.

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