Police Radio Audio of Moment NYPD Detective is Murdered

Det. Brian Simonsen was shot and killed by possible friendly fire during the armed robbery at a T Mobile store in Queens

Det. Brian Simonsen was shot and killed by possible friendly fire during the armed robbery at a T Mobile store in Queens

"Make no mistake about it, friendly fire aside, it's because of the actions of the suspect that Det".

A 27-year-old suspect in the robbery, who has an extensive arrest history, was injured and is in custody, police said. The detective sergeant, shot in the leg, was in serious but stable condition. "Simonsen is dead", O'Neill said.

In a grim rite, officers from across the New York City Police Department stood and saluted Tuesday night outside Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in a cold drizzle as the remains of a detective, believed to have been caught in the crosshairs of fellow law enforcement, were driven past in an ambulance.

At the time, "multiple officers" were firing "multiple rounds", O'Neill said.

"His bravery was so clear, but his pain to have lost his colleague was clear as well", New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said at the news conference. The two were on duty and happened to be nearest to the scene when the call came in. Police say they were wanted in connection with a string of robberies in the area. The Associated Press said the doors of the store were blown out by the gunfire and glass fragments littered the sidewalk.

Then a man matching the suspect's description emerged from the rear of the store pointing at them what appeared to be handgun and police started shooting, he said. Bullet holes pocked frosted windows decorated with the T-Mobile logo.

"It was like 10 or 12 consecutive sounds, you know, pop, pop, pop, pop, and immediately after that we could hear the sirens going off", Richmond Hill resident Manny Singh said. "His mom, who has suffered so much".

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Simonsen, who called Long Island home, leaves behind his wife. When they didn't see anyone inside they went into the store.

"Since 1981, some 26 police officers across the United States have been shot and killed by fellow police officers who have mistaken them for risky criminals", the report said.

The squad had a meeting Tuesday morning and officers say because of that meeting, Simonsen was excused from being at work Tuesday night.

Brian Simonsen is the first NY police officer to die in the line of duty since July 2017.

A 911 caller said two employees at the counter of the T-Mobile cell phone store were forced at gunpoint to the back of the store during an attempted robbery, NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill said during an evening news conference.

"Shots fired! Shots fired!" an officer is heard yelling.

The Police Benevolent Association tweeted out a video of the escort for Det.

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