North and South Korea Want to Host the 2032 Olympics Together

WB cooperates with S. Korea, to support in N. Korea

North Korea has produced enough bomb fuel for up to 7 nuclear weapons

-South Korean forces - noted in his statement that American-led denuclearization talks with North Korea have "led to a palpable reduction in tension" in 2018.

Asked by Senator Jack Reed whether the USA can afford to reduce its troop presence, Abrams responded that the current posture "is appropriate in terms of providing an adequate deterrent" against North Korea.

Trump and Kim met in June previous year in a bid to resolve tensions over Pyongyang's nuclear program, and the two signed off on a vaguely-worded document in which Kim pledged to work towards "the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula".

If they continue to focus more on security and protocol than the denuclearization issue, U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un could end up meeting for another photo op, as they did a year ago in Singapore, but achieve little progress.

But skeptics say Pyongyang has taken few concrete steps since Singapore to reveal and scale back its nuclear arsenal, while complaining Washington has not followed through on easing economic and military pressure on the regime.

While saying there had been a lowering of tensions along the heavily armed border between North and South Korea, Pyongyang's military capabilities, both nuclear and conventional, "remain unchecked", he said.

Continuing to improve their diplomatic ties after the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, North Korea, and South Korea announced their first-ever joint bid to host the 2023 Olympic games.

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Trump said in his cabinet comments on Tuesday the relationship with South Korea was "great" but that the United States lost "a tremendous amount of money" defending its ally. The North Koreans apparently focused on how Kim will get around Hanoi as well as security and protocol issues.

Trump and Kim are set to meet in Vietnam's capital, Hanoi, from February 27 to 28 for their second summit. But plans for the second meeting are proceeding apace.

I am optimistic about the upcoming U.S. North Korea Summit later this month as we work toward identifying a path to final fully verifiable denuclearization as agreed upon by President Trump and Chairman Kim at their 2018 Singapore Summit.
What Vietnam can see ahead is light [and] ...

Consistent with the annual World Threat Assessment issued by the USA intelligence community last month, Adm. Davidson contradicted Trump's assertion that North Korea is "no longer a nuclear threat", noting, "We think it is unlikely that North Korea will give up all of its nuclear weapons or production capabilities, but seeks to negotiate partial denuclearization in exchange for USA and global concessions".

We must remain vigilant to the threat North Korea still poses to the United States and the global community.

Some U.S. lawmakers and others have expressed concern about U.S. military readiness, should the exercises be postponed much longer.

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