Mars One says new investor could save it from bankruptcy

Mars One’s ill-fated dream unsurprisingly ends in bankruptcy

Mars One is dead

Be that as it may, many of Mars One's claims have come under intense scrutiny in the years since its beginning. "The bankruptcy also includes Mars One Ventures AG and does not affect the financial position of the Mars One Foundation, which is the main thrust behind the mission", the organization wrote in the post. In the past, the company has said that arm of the business "holds the exclusive monetization rights around the mission", including merchandise, advertising and broadcasting rights, as well as intellectual property.

After defending the scam claim in early 2015, CEO Bas Lansdorp and the Mars One project essentially went quiet and now we know why.

Now, instead of moving toward its goal of launching a Mars mission in 2031, the company "is in administration", according to its website.

Mars One Ventures AG, a Dutch company that planned human settlement on Mars, has declared bankruptcy. And in a surprise to no one, the whistleblower said Mars One had no real budget or concrete plan to even go to Mars, much less set up shop there.

On January 15th, The Swiss-based Ventures AG was declared bankrupt by a Basel court and was, at the time, valued at nearly $100 million. The investment company now in talks "has expressed its intention" to pay Mars One's creditors that money owed.

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In 2016, Mars One Ventures was procured by the Swiss organization InFin Innovative Finance, however, its site does not give off an impression of being active any longer.

The spaceship with the colonists was to be launched to Mars in 2026.

Mars One had initially planned to land people on Mars in 2023, setting the monumental task of solving a litany of technical and practical challenges and raising an estimated $6 billion to pay for a mission to another planet. It'll focus on creating content about the technological, psychological, economical, and ethical aspects of colonization.

Mars One's timelines were continually evolving, as well.

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