Measles outbreaks are the fault of anti-vaxxers, says World Health Organization

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Lindenberger first crowdsourced advice on how and where to get vaccinated in a Reddit post on November 16, 2018.

'My parents think vaccines are some kind of government scheme.

On Monday, Lindenberger appeared on CNN's Anderson Cooper Full Circle and said that despite not getting vaccinated, he never contracted chickenpox or measles. "I haven't succeeded. So instead I am trying to research how to be vaccinated without my mother's consent".

For most of his life, Lindenberger thought it was normal for most kids not to get immunized, but about two years ago he began to see how the posts about vaccines his own mother was sharing on social media were risky. About a month later, the post was updated to announce that he got his vaccines.

"It really wasn't like I kind of raised my fist in the air and said like, "You idiots, I'm getting vaccinated, '" he recalled. We also respect that ultimately parents make choices for their children". He says he regrets insulting the intelligence of his parents in the original Reddit post and urges other teenagers to be transparent and positive with parents when seeking permission to immunize.

"My parents are very happy that I'm continuing to express that the importance of vaccines is beyond just me and other people, and I'm glad to share that story", he said.

Lindenberger's decision to get vaccinated comes as the percentage of young children in the United States who have received no vaccines continues to rise. In 2001, only 0.3% of kids between 19 and 35 months had received no vaccine doses.

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The anti-vaxxer movement is under scrutiny following a recent measles outbreak in the Pacific Northwest, where 40 cases have been confirmed, mostly in children under the age of 10.

However there are no federal laws regulating the issue for minors who wish to get shots and it varies between different states.

The doctrine is a legal measure that accepts that a minor, even if they are not emancipated from their family, possesses the maturity to decide if they want a particular health care treatment.

Washington state has become a battleground between anti-vaccine groups pushing for relaxed regulations and concerned parents watching a measles outbreak strike the Pacific Northwest, a well-documented anti-vaccination refuge.

"When she was three-years-old she was diagnosed after a week's stay in St. Louis with juvenile arthritis", Simpson said.

"Vaccines, from a public health perspective, are safe, effective and they've been studied over and over again and have not shown any links to any adverse events". "If you have an undervaccinated population and you introduce a measles case into that population, it will take off like a wildfire", Clark County Public Health Director Alan Melnick said.

'But the diseases we developed vaccines for - like polio, which killed or crippled thousands of children - were selected precisely because they're so severe'.

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