Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar Running for President

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Race for the White House: Midwestern senator throws her hat in the ring

For every worker, farmer, dreamer and builder.

"I saw the tweet about Amy Klobuchar and calling her a snow woman for standing there braving the snowfall", Navarro said early Sunday evening during a CNN panel. "It made me chuckle, frankly, and roll my eyes".

'In the end, there are so many great stories of our staff that have been with me for years who have gone on to do incredible things, ' Klobuchar told reporters.

"I love our staff. Look at this incredible event they put together [Sunday]", she said. "And no matter what, I'll lead from the heart". -Supporters of Democratic Sen.

Sunday, Klobuchar seemed to relish the underdog role.

"Minnesotans in the red counties and the blue counties and all the counties in between know that Amy, she shows up".

After eight years as county attorney, Klobuchar ran for the Senate seat being vacated by first-term Democrat Mark Dayton, who later won election as governor. She's beloved in her state as a smart, amusing and personable lawmaker and has gained national attention for her lines of questioning at high-profile hearings. "We are all exhausted of the shutdowns and the showdowns, the gridlock, and grandstanding".

"We've got the opportunity to replace chaos with courage. Not by wallowing over what's wrong, but by marching inexorably toward what's right".

"Today, on an island of the mighty MS, in our nation's heartland, at a time when we must heal the heart of our democracy and renew our commitment to the common good, I stand before you as the granddaughter of an iron ore miner, as the daughter of a teacher and a newspaper man, as the first woman elected to the United States Senate from the state of Minnesota, to announce my candidacy for president of the United States".

Ms. Klobuchars campaign announcement came amid several news reports that staff in her Senate office were asked to do menial tasks, including some personal in nature like laundry, making it hard for her to hire high-level campaign strategists. It's a homegrown one.

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"I doubt it will [affect voters] much", one unnamed Democratic consultant told Politico.

"I don't come from money", she said. But what I do have is this: "I have grit". I have family. I have friends.

And fellow DFLers vouched for Klobuchar's ability to organize at the grassroots level.

Attendees for the most part said they back Klobuchar because they see her as a "centrist" who will work across the aisle.

But she raised only about 7.4 million USA dollars, a relatively small amount compared with Senate candidates in more competitive races. As many as a dozen other Democrats have announced campaigns or are considering joining the race. Kavanaugh later apologized to Klobuchar, whose father is an alcoholic. Some progressives say she lacks the kind of fire and bold ideas needed to bring significant change and excite voters.

"Our laws need to be as sophisticated as the people who are breaking them", she said.

Klobuchar is entering a very crowded race for the Democratic nomination.

The couple have been cheerleaders for Klobuchar over the years at parades and various conventions; they carried a banner in support of their daughter-in-law at Minnesota State University's Homecoming Parade in downtown Mankato last year.

"For too long, leaders in Washington have sat on the sidelines while others try to figure out what to do about our changing economy and its impact on our lives, what to do about the disruptive nature of new technologies, income inequality, the political and geographic divides, the changing climate, the tumult in our world", she told the crowd.

Klobuchar responded to questions about the reports Sunday. "Yes, I can be tough. And yes, I can push people, I know that", Klobuchar said.

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