Fitbit launches new 'Inspire' trackers for corporate sector

Fitbit's upcoming fitness tracker leaks in colorful images

Fitbit Has a New Activity Tracker. But You Can't Buy It in Stores

The basic version simply tracks steps and delivers basic phone notifications, while a more advanced version - the Inspire HR - adds heart-rate monitoring and exercise modes to the mix, along with the option to piggyback off phone Global Positioning System for accurate run tracking. A company or a health insurance provider would have to entirely subsidize and issue by bulk these Fitbit Inspire fitness trackers.

Recently we have seen Fitbit launching two new fitness trackers called the Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR which were made for business users.

Fitbit has quietly added a new fitness tracker to its website, but the device is not for everyone. As these devices are targeted toward employers and insurance companies, pricing will vary from each deal. It comes with a touchscreen display and can be used while swimming. The Inspire and Inspire HR share a set of features: basic tracking and notifications, battery capacity and water-resistant rating. Inspire HR can also monitor a user's sleep stages - light, deep, and REM. While the product listing for the Inspire HR says that it comes with a silicon band, the Inspire has a clip accessory which is sold separately. Apart from the images, there's nothing much known about Fitbit's upcoming fitness tracker for kids.

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Both however feature sleep, calories, steps and other trackers. The images reveal the fitness tracker in Pink and Blue color options and are expected to offer more options when it is unveiled.

Arriving as a fully subsidized product meant to be distributed in mass quantities, Fitbit is promoting its new tracker as a way to encourage the well being of health care recipients.

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