Armed FBI raid & arrest of Roger Stone caught on CCTV FOOTAGE

Armed FBI raid & arrest of Roger Stone caught on CCTV FOOTAGE

(WATCH) New Footage of Roger Stone Arrest Just Released

The Republican operative's lawyers were making a case for why Stone shouldn't be restricted by a gag order in the months leading his court trial, which will address special investigator Robert Mueller's charges that Stone lied to Congress and obstructed its Russian Federation investigation.

Stone objected to the proposal via his attorneys, arguing that public comment on politics and men's fashion is his job, so a gag order would interfere with his ability to earn a living.

Although Jackson yet to respond to Stone's objections, she did touch on the potential gag order last week. "To foreclose Mr. Stone's exercise of his First Amendment rights on any subject would serve no compelling governmental interest".

"The footage depicts what you'd expect if the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the home of a Mexican drug lord, maybe even SEAL Team 6 going into [Osama] bin Laden's compound", Carlson said.

Those appearances caught the judge's attention last week when she encouraged Stone not to treat his case like a "book tour".

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In the latest filing, Stone's attorneys write that his comments don't merit a "clear and present danger to a fair trial".

"An example of how limited and narrow his public presence is, is that Kim Kardashian has 59.5 million followers on Twitter. Roger Stone's Instagram following amounts to 39 thousand subscribers", his attorney wrote.

Jackson so far hasn't had much face time in court with Stone or his legal team to reveal her approach to the case. Roger Stone was arrested on 25 January on federal charges put forward by Special Counsel Mueller, who is investigating the Trump campaign's alleged ties with Russian Federation. And Stone, who has pleaded not guilty, asks that the judge allow his case to be randomly assigned.

Prosecutors said the two share a common search warrant, and "there are activities which are a part of the same alleged criminal event or transaction", according to Stone's filing.

Prosecutors allege that in 2016, Stone repeatedly sought to learn when potentially damaging internal emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign would be released, but after the election tried to cover up what he had done by lying about it in his testimony to Congress. "It's called politics, and they haven't criminalized it, at least not yet", Stone said a week ago on ABC's "This Week".

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