Trump Must Turn Over Tax Returns, Democratic Lawmaker Says

Trump back to combative self after appeal for compromise

House Democrats take 1st step to obtain Trump's tax returns

Thursday's House Ways and Means hearing into Trump's taxes would break what he declared in 2017 as a red line - that investigations should not touch his business and finances.

"At such time as we overcome Trump obstacles and secure the returns, there needs to be a careful, objective review of them in private", Doggett said. Their newly energized leftward wing is pushing Neal to set the quest in motion, and fast.

Thursday morning began with tweets on the topic. "We will not agree to $2 billion in funding for barriers", said Evan Hollander, spokesman for House Appropriations Chairwoman Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., who is leading the bipartisan talks. "I go back to what my colleagues said about weaponizing the tax code and we should all be concerned about that".

"Should the public know whether the person who is running for the office or who is now leading our nation paid the correct amount of tax?"

"I'm guessing that would be where the Democrats would be coming from, when the Republicans would be saying, 'Look, give us more money for the wall and higher ICE beds'". Trump refused to release his returns during the 2016 campaign, breaking with a decades-long tradition by presidential contenders. "Such an abuse of power would open a Pandora's box". "It would set a very risky precedent".

By law, as chair of the tax-writing House panel, Neal can make a written request for any tax returns to the Treasury secretary, who oversees the Internal Revenue Service. "No one is above the law". Mnuchin has said he will analyze the request and respond if required by law, but has declined to say what legal stance his team might take. (Glimpses into leaked tax information obtained by the New York Times showed Trump claimed operating losses of $916 million in 1995, which would have protected him for up to 18 years' worth of taxes.) It's by no means certain that Trump's personal returns would answer any of those questions.

Republicans on the 17-person congressional committee assigned to negotiate the deal are already divided-some have said avoiding another shutdown is their main priority, but others have said they'll remain committed to Trump.

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz criticized Trump for not releasing recent tax returns hours before the hearing Thursday.

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Several academics, analysts and tax experts will attend the meeting, which starts at 2 p.m. EST.

A House-Senate conference committee on a Homeland Security bill had been hoping to reach an agreement by Friday. The legislation also would make it easier for citizens to register and vote, and ban executive-branch officials from lobbying their old agency for two years after they leave government.

Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani has made it clear that the President intends to fight any request in court.

There is another alternative, of course, the House and Senate could decide to call the President's bluff and dare him to veto a package that has widespread, possibly even veto-proof, bipartisan support, thus leading to another government shutdown on February 15th unless the veto can be overridden.

Why hasn't Trump released his tax returns?

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler threatened Trump's acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker, with a subpoena if he did not turn over records of his communications with the White House in reference to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation into Russian election meddling. "If I choose to run, I promise I will absolutely release my tax returns". He has said he won't release them because he is being audited, even though IRS officials have said taxpayers under audit are free to release their returns.

Trump has repeatedly declared his innocence, claiming that the growing investigations, which also include probes by federal prosecutors in NY, are politically motivated. There are questions about what if any financial dealings he's had with Russian Federation, what conflicts of interest his business and political roles might pose, how philanthropic he is, how much Trump might benefit from the tax-cut plan he signed and, perhaps most directly, how much or how little he's paid in taxes.

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