Spotify clamps down on ad-blockers

Spotify takes aim at ad blockers - news

Spotify will start banning ad blockers

Spotify has updated its Terms of Service to reflect its stance on ad-blockers.

In an update to their Terms of Service Spotify have made it clear that they are taking ad-blocking on their platform seriously.

Around two million Spotify users are thought to be blocking adverts by using modified players to listen to the service.

It's hard to blame Spotify for this: users paying for the service and the ads served to free customers contribute to their income (and this is where the money they pay artists and labels comes from).

At this point, Spotify offers two different plans to its users.

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"Spotify respects intellectual property rights and expects you to do the same", it said. If you try to block ads with a free account anyway, you may risk losing it.

The firm has always been anti-ad blockers.

The shift in policy coincides with other major announcements from the company, including the news that for the first time since its founding in 2006 Spotify was able to turn a profit.

It also states further down that violations of the guidelines may result in immediate termination or suspension of one's Spotify account.

The new Terms of Service go into effect on March 1. Users were also warned through emails and given the chance to reactivate the account after uninstalling the ad-blocking software. Premium Spotify accounts aren't targeted by the new rules since the service only displays ads to free subscribers. The company is reportedly in talks to acquire podcast network Gimlet Media, which includes podcasts such as Reply All and Homecoming, in an attempt to bolster the podcasting element of its service.

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